Estimated Free Shipping Schedule Continental U.S.

Bare prints on paper - 6 to 10 business days

Bare prints on canvas - 10 to 12 business days

Framed prints on paper - 12 to 14 business days

Framed prints on canvas – 12 to 14 Business Days


For Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico it may take a few days longer than the above

  • Expedited processing and shipping may be available for some of the artworks.  Please inquire via the contact tab.

  • Always check the current news on this web site’s ABOUT page for notices about any shipping delays in case I am on an international photo project or traveling for a project in the U.S. 

  • It is not possible for me to firmly promise these typical Continental U.S. times can be met in every order I process, due to variations in print preparation time and unanticipated shipping delays.

  • Orders from foreign countries are possible but the shipping cost and any import duties must be prepaid before the artwork is shipped to you. Because shipping costs to anywhere outside of the U.S. is excessively expensive I will only ship artwork that is not framed. The artwork is shipped rolled up in a very rigid tube by U.S. Post Office International Priority Mail. My experience is that adds 10 days or less to the Continental U.S. shipping times for bare prints on paper or canvas that is quoted above. This is an estimate of how long it takes for an artwork to reach your country’s arrival port and/or custom’s facility. Your shipment will have a tracking number we supply to you by email.  If there is no custom’s fee, the local delivery system working for the USPS will deliver to you. 

  • On receipt of your order, please inspect the artwork, if paper, for any damage to the corners or sides.  Though I use boxes made to avoid this, one never knows how a package will be handled by the shipping companies. If your artwork is damaged let me know within one week of its arrival and I will be shipping its replacement pending getting a mobile (cell) phone image from you and emailed to me showing that you have destroyed the damaged artwork by cutting it into at least 6 pieces.  

  • Shipments in the U.S. of paper prints and framed artwork of any size is by placing and protecting the artwork in boxes engineered specifically for shipping fine art.  Unframed canvas prints are shipped in a tube which is safer for them due to their size.


Quality Control and Provenance (this is for authenticating this artwork is the original by Lawrence D’Attilio)

I custom print and sign every print by hand once I get your order for one or more. Every print is carefully inspected by me to make sure it is absolutely perfect then I sign it. I also sign a document that certifies that this print was made by me with the listed materials on a specific date. To verify you as the owner your name is printed on this document or if it is a gift, you can have the recipient’s name on the document instead.

A separate set of instructions is provided with the artwork to help you understand how you may best take care of the artwork.  For example if you order a bare print on paper the instructions will tell you what to do when the artwork will be hung on a wall that gets lots of sun or in an environment that is dusty or tends to be humid.  You will also know how to store the artwork if there is a need for that at some point. The two historically most informed artists on these considerations were, Ansel Adams (my teacher) and Henry Willhelm of Willhelm Research (curator of my first solo exhibit). Through them and years of subsequent experience, I feel confident to advise you on the subject of artwork longevity, so consult my blogs and FAQs or email me directly with your questions.