An Alien Gazes

These works are a single photo that has been altered digitally as a guess at how an alien being might interpret our Earth. I wanted to take the viewer beyond their normal visual expectation of sites they see around them. Textures, colors, perspectives, edges, etc. would probably look different to a creature alien to our planet. Something that’s beautiful to us might look uninteresting to them, and vice versa. What might a plain rock, for instance, appear to them? It may be dull to us, but yet it, too, has an inner beauty.

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Process - I am involved in every step of creating my prints, the way I feel fine art should be made. Go here for more information.
Materials – I use exceptional, elegant materials notable for their color and beauty.
Framing – I use solid dark or black hardwood.  You may also order just the print(s) for your own ideas about framing.  
Provenance – Authentication is through my signature on the print and a signed document.